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Applications of Medicinal Leeches

Cosmetics and Pharmacology

There are lots of bioactive substances in Medicinal Leeches and Leech Powder. These bioactive substances are used in Cosmetics and Pharmacies.

Bioactive substances of the Medicinal Leeches:
2. Hyaluronidase
3. Pseudohirudin
4. Destabilase
5. Apyrase
6. Bdellines
7. Eglines
8. Kininases
9. Histamine-like substances
10. Collagenase
11. Leech prostanoids
12. Inhibitor of kallikrein of the blood plasma
13. Proteases
14. Lipolytic enzymes
15. Intibitor of Xa factor of the blood coagulation
16. Triglyceridase
17. Cholesterol esterase
18. Lipase

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